Make a JavaScript library like jQuery

Have you ever wondered how to make a JavaScript Library?

If you’ve ever used jQuery you’ll appreciate how simple it is to pick up and use, it’s full of easy to remember functions which are way more convenient than remembering the vanilla JavaScript version.

Before we start writing our own library, let’s first look at some vanilla JavaScript versions of what we use in jQuery

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Make your own custom share buttons

A great alternative to shareThis, or addthis is to add your own share buttons.

The Share Buttons

Share on Google+Share on Pinterest

Feel free to test them out 😉

Here’s a javascript snippet for sharing to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest

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Nice custom file upload button styled with HTML & CSS

We have all seen the horrible file upload button boxes, we all know what they look like.. and they all differ slightly from browser to browser.

There are lots of hacks out there to emulate an upload button click to launch the file input dialog, or to position the input box transparent ontop of a beautified button, but all of these are limited to the browser support and some browsers require hacks.

I want to show you the simplest way I can think of..

Here’s how it looks (give it a click!):


Ok that’s cool, but how exactly does it work?
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